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Thank you very much for ordering your digital download copy of Hypersigil Megaprayer. Like I say, this is 100% listener supported music and I couldn’t do it without you. Every dollar that comes in goes towards getting the album out there to as many people as possible, and to helping me create fresh work. It’s been a crazy ride thus far, and I’m really thankful to have you on board!

To express my gratitude, I wanted to give you a quick opportunity… We’ve got some Sleepwreck merch that is currently only available at shows, but I wanted you to have the chance to get your hands on it now for a hefty discount (because who knows when I’ll be in your town!?). The SLEEPWRECK JUMP DRIVE is packed with most of the music that I’ve ever released, plus a bunch of bonus written content (both entertaining and informative), and there’s also a sweet Sleepwreck sticker to adorn whatever surface you so desire. If that sounds interesting please see below for more information… and if not that’s totally fine, scroll to the bottom to click through to your download links!

Much Love, and we’ll see you on the Other Side!

Hypersigil Megaprayer – Full album continuous mix+individual tracks
ZERO EP (4 songs)
Fire Brings Transformation EP (4 songs)
Disasterpiece EP (4 songs)
Prototype Self EP (4 songs)

And Bonus PDFs:
The “What If…?” Manifesto
The Sleepwreck Mini-Compendium of Zero Waste Crockery (2018)
Sleepwreck’s Micro-Cookbook (2015)

AND… The sweet Sleepwreck sticker (durable vinyl)


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