Rube Goldberg and the Hypersigil

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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

I’ll say it again, the world is an immensely complex place (indeed infinitely so!). We love to walk around and make out like we understand what the hell is going on, but we’re really only able to understand the very surface of things. We say “The white ball struck the black ball at a 47.38 degree angle and knocked it into the corner pocket at a velocity of 6.3 meters per second”, as if it’s all very simple and manageable. However, when we zoom out we see that it was the pool cue which set this little scene in motion, and it was the person who wielded it that determined the ball’s speed and angle, and that fellow happens to be playing a game of pool on this particular evening because his wife is out of town, and there happens to be a pool table in this particular establishment because it was in the owner’s uncle’s estate sale 15 years earlier, and there is *even a game of billiards to begin with* because Arthur C. Billiard invented it in 1865 (which I totally just made up, but you get the point). It keeps going infinitely.

Direct causality can only be determined as an abstraction. Sure, we can measure the speed and the angle of the pool balls, but only if we pretend that they exist in a vacuum. True causation happens indirectly and indeed chaotically. So *perhaps* it might be possible to effect the World in ways that are difficult, if not impossible, to explain?

Think about it this way… Let’s envision a fellow living in a two dimensional world. We’ll call him Hank. Hank goes about his very very flat business and it never occurs to him that there could ever be a third dimension, because he’s incapable of perceiving it. One day Hank comes across an interesting pair of objects in his 2-D world. He finds that when he rotates one of the objects, the other object revolves around it and vice versa… Two seemingly completely separate objects that are tied together by some un-named force. This is a mystery to Hank, but we out here in the 3-D world can easily see that someone has left a horse-shoe sticking through Hank’s reality, such that it’s two arms are intersecting the 2-D plane (but where the arms join is outside of Hank’s world). What he perceives as two separate objects, are in fact a single object that exists beyond his ability to comprehend. So now… What if this strange object wasn’t a simple horse-shoe? What if it was a mind-numbingly complex set of gears and pulleys and interlocking threads, and elastic bands… An epic Rube Goldberg Device who’s behaviour could never be fully predicted, but which would respond to an input stimulus with *some* sort of output reaction? Hank might start to think that the responses he sees from this crazy machine are just a co-incidence, because he can’t see what’s going on outside of his 2-D world. He might even *convince* himself that it all has a rational explanation so that he never has to consider the possibility of their being a third dimension.

So. Maybe things are possible that don’t seem to make sense (read up on the Two Slit Experiment in quantum physics for a start). Maybe there is more to the Universe than human beings are capable of comprehending. Maybe things are connected in ways that we can never fully understand, but that we can learn about and make use of nonetheless…

Maybe a group of like-minded people all holding the same metaphysical intention together, with a catalyst to trigger a powerful group trance state (such as an ambitious concept album by a post-apocalyptic artist), could dig down into the muck of the human collective unconscious and… Make. Something. Happen.


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