Welcome to the Sleepwreck Downloads Library! I release new music regularly through the Clan Mailing List, but below you can find much of my back catalogue available as a gift. You can also download some other goodies, including selected Ableton project files. All of this material is released through the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial licence (this means you can use it in your own works, but I ask that you credit me as appropriate and that you don’t commodify the resulting product).


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This month’s exclusive single:

Sleepwreck - Ninth Cycle.mp3 (15 MB)



Back Catalogue:

Sleepwreck - Ninth Cycle -Fractal Frequencies Remix-.mp3 (13 MB)

Sleepwreck - Inshala -Kali Yuga Remix-.mp3 (12 MB)

Sleepwreck - Inshala.mp3 (17 MB)

Sleepwreck - Judgement Obscures Beauty.mp3 (11 MB)

Seedling-Etude-Sleepwreck-and-Cassandra-Stinn.mp3 (7 MB)

Katy-Perry-Chained-To-The-Rhythm-Glitch-Hop-Remix-by-Sleepwreck.mp3 (9 MB)

Sleepwreck-Fire-Brings-Transformation-EP-04-Believe-Behave-Become.mp3 (12 MB)

Sleepwreck-Fire-Brings-Transformation-EP-03-Fractural.mp3 (11 MB)

Sleepwreck-Fire-Brings-Transformation-EP-02-The-Only-Way-Out-Is-Through.mp3 (11 MB)

Sleepwreck-Fire-Brings-Transformation-EP-01-Phlummox.mp3 (14 MB)

Over-My-Head.mp3 (11 MB)

.Disasterpiece EP (available through East Van Digital Records)

Prototype Self EP - (37 MB)

Everything Else .zip (2 GB)



Ableton Projects

. Believe As You Will - Project (431 MB)



. Sleepwreck Micro-Cookbook.pdf (427 MB)

. Sleepwrecks-Philosophy-of-Musical-Success-.pdf (227 kB)




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